Embracing Ramadan

Take a moment to think about something that you love a lot. What
would happen if you lost it? Now thank Allah you have it and be happy.
This amazing exercise can be applied to everything from your phone, to
your family, to your faith! Now that you are happy you have these things
spend a moment thanking Allah and savoring what you have.
Research shows that savoring has very powerful affects on well-being
and this Ramadan why not take some extra time to be grateful
for the gifts that Allah has given you.

Other quick things you can do to improve well-being are:

1. Take a nap. If you are exhausted your brain won’t process
happy thoughts as effectively.

2. Smile. Not only is it a sunnah, but it can also improve
your well-being as your brain thinks you are feeling good.

3. Give someone a hug. A halal one of course! Research
shows that hugs are powerful for improving well-being and
building connectedness.

***Brought to you by: Journey Planner. A tool developed to help
you maximize your reward this month and improve your well being.

Insha’Allah I hope you have benefited from this information as I have and would like to invite you to visit this sister’s webpage as she has developed this outstanding ebook that is available for your view.  It is a Ramadan Planner. Can not be compared to a diary or journal but one unique way of digesting a day of knowledge through remembrances of Allah.

Hope you enjoy reading it and please pass it along to others to benefit their vessel of knowledge.

Ramadan Kareem brothers and sisters!!!


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