On Choosing

Faith is a complicated and personal matter for most people. Religion is something that is passed down from families. If your family is Catholic, Jewish or Baptist then it is expected for one to follow in those footsteps. Deciding to leave that religious heritage can be very difficult and can often conflict with family ties.

While deciding to convert to Islam I took my time and read about it, asked about it and pondered about it for sometime. Months later, I knew in my heart that Islam held a special spiritual meaning to me. I was drawn to its peacefulness as well as the personal nature of Muslim religious practice. The more I began to learn about the religion of Islam I saw it even more as a community. A religion that focused on the individual with God. Making my prayers everyday, and my intent being right every day made me feel like only Allah knows what I have done.  Part of Islams’ beauty lies in its structure, in its repetition, in the order it can bring to a believers’ life.

Converting to a new religion is never an easy thing. There’s a lot to learn, and so is the issue of how to break the news to family and loved ones.  Most of the time things can be even more complicated for non-Muslim women who convert to Islam. Being from a Catholic background it was difficult to break the news to my family members. They thought that I had lost my mind and that I had lost my Hispanic heritage. Separating culture and religion is very important as one has no direct influence over the other.

In the beginning of my conversion not everyone in my family was amazing. Some of my family members had a difficult time understanding my decision.

Today, some of those same family members have realized just how real my conversion has been to me. I feel really blessed because some of these family members have matured and have begun to react much better.

It’s inevitable when you choose something, you make a decision to reject something else instead. The hardest aspect of choosing a new way of life and rejecting the old is in explaining your reasoning to others without being critical of the path they’re staying on.

One of the tenants of my faith is submission to Allah swt. This sounds fairly simple, if you think of it in context of our pillars of faith – follow the “rules” and you’re on the right path. However, it actually means more than this: Submission to Allah swt means putting your life in His hands, trusting in Him to shape the world you walk within, trusting that the trials you face have a meaning to them, trusting in Him to provide.


The five pillars of Islam are:

Shahadah : testimony of faith
Salat : five daily prayers
Zakat : giving of charity
Sawm: fasting during Ramadan
Hajj : pilgrimage to Mecca


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  1. It is really tough decision that changes life, i mean all your life not only here but also in hereafter, may Allah reward all of you who faced this kind of problems with the biggest reward in Jannah …… Ameen


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