A Mother’s Position


“This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion”

[al-Maa’idah 5:3] 

 The mother is entitled to respect and honour, and upholding of the ties of kinship throughout her life, so what is the point of singling out a particular day to honour her?

Mothers have been given something which has not been given to them in any other religion; the mother’s rights take precedence over those of the ather, as al-Bukhaari(5514) and Muslim (4621) narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “O Messenger of Allah who is most deserving of my good company?” He said: “Your mother.” He said: “Then who?” He said: “Your mother.” He said: “Then who?” He said: “Your mother.” He said: “Then who?” He said: “Then your father.”

Honouring one’s mother does not come to an end even when she dies, for she is honoured in life and in death. That is sone by offering the funeral prayer for her, praying for forgiveness for her, carrying out her last wishes and honouring her family and friends.

A mother’s right is greater than having just one day in the year to be honoured, rather the mother’s right over her children is that they should take care of her and obey her, so long as it does not involve disobedience towards Allaah, at all times and in all places. 



5 responses to this post.

  1. Its so true , one day is just not enough, but I guess nowadays people in general have become so busy in their daily lives, that these days such as mothers’ day, fathers’ day , sisters’ , brothers n so on days have been made , so that they are made to feel most important n wanted atleast on these particular days.


  2. so true …mothers day is every day


  3. Posted by adikbongsu on May 25, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    Salam ‘alaik Umm Abdurrahman,

    hehehe… so true, that is why I think everyday should be Mother’s day!



  4. ploddingly says : I absolutely agree with this !


  5. Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    Alhamdullilah, we are so blessed as mothers to be honored with such a high status!


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