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For the Sisterhood

by IslamWay


Getting the most out of a cup

Tea is a beverage that I usually don’t bother to prepare for myself unless I have company over. Coffee has always been my beverage of choice. Not only is tea recognized world wide for its variety of flavors or consumed globally but there are also health benefits to it. Of course, we know it is an antioxidant but I had no idea that it can also act to improve concentration, boosts energy, and also helps ward off diabetes and cancer. WHOA!!!!

Should I cut the morning coffee?

Honestly, it’s kinda hard becasue my cup sits on my desk at work and the aroma permeating out of   my colleague’s classoom down the hall makes it irresistible to not stop by and fill it up. Although coffee may initially give me a jolt, I was actually reading up on it that it can actually deplete vital energy later in the day that I didn’t have to begin with. Thus, coffee is actually allowing one to borrow energy.


Yes, herbal tea is actually healthier. On average, a cup of black tea contains about one third of the caffeine you would get from the same cup of coffee. Green tea contains about one sixth of that amount. Aside from this, tea is a zero-calorie beverage, making it the best choice for weight loss. What more can I ask for!!

I recall when I was growing up my mother would alsways have at hand Camomile tea leaves or sticks of cinnanom. However, I am sure the next time I am at the grocery store I won’t hesitate to read up on some more aromatic herbal teas.

I hope that we all reap the health benefits that tea has to offer!!

Insh’Allah, may we stay healthy and happy!

Any suggestions for a specific herbal tea bag of choice?


What’s in a number?

Recently I read a book that explained word choice and how listing our 10 most favorite words would be a way of deciding how to categorize word choice in writing.  Next, I read someone’s blog highlighting suggested things to do within a 10 minute time to remember Allah. Okay, so now I wonder is 10 just a number that limits our list of things to do?  Anyway, I would like to post the following:

10 Things We Waste

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Edible: how do you choose?


Eating right and staying well is a BIG responsibility. I know that when I read articles that alert the  consumer about the latest research or medical discoveries I can’t help but think about what I could try and change about my lifestyle of eating. I will admit that  b-r-e-a-d is my weakness and so is rice. Yes, these starchy carbohydrates are hard to say NO to but in fact can contribute to over indulging and overweight. I am trying to cut back and it’s hard folks. Anyway, the challenge is there and I am trying to comsume moderately. However,  I recently read about fruits and veggies on whether canned , frozen or fresh make a difference in taste.

Does it really matter?

There are so many advantages and disadvantages but we make do with what we can afford. Well, as I was reading this article it was clear to see that it does make sense to eat fresh. However, sometimes it is not always possible to purchase produce when it’s fresh off the farm. However, straight from the aisle fresh fruits and veggies are usually the best. Sometimes, it can be quite expensive due to seasonal changes and so we opt for trying frozen or canned.

One thing I was not aware of as a consumer or think of how I shop is that canned products as  nutritionally comparable to fresh products is that canned produce loose vitamins and minerals during the heating process. However, there are beneifts.

Some canned versions of vegetables are actually higher and in healthful benefits thatn their fresh version. 

Drum roll….. these veggies are

Corn, carrots, and tomatoes all benefit from the canning process. Finally, frozen and canned produce have a longer shelf life, so you can keep them on hand for quick additions to your family’s meals.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that label says that they do not contain no added salt and sugars.

Bottom line is to eat at least 5 servings of those veggies and fruits. I only wish children can eat more veggies.

Any ideas on how to convince young children to eat more veggies?


Alerted by a sign

I was inspired by a sister’s  blog ( to write that the road to success in maintaining Iman (faith) is not an easy one and as she has stated, it’s like a tide; some are high and some come in low.” Yes, can’t agree more with this comparison.  I also would like to add that a road taken may not always be straight and sometimes those curves can lead to failures.  A loop can cause confusion, but the speed bumps are there to slow us down such as friends. The caution lights alert us such as family.

However, whatever road we take or tide we are riding on I try to remember that a flat tire can lead me to change it and replace it with a spare on. This is a quick fix but looking back on that road taken there is one thing that I am reminded about is that going on leads to more determination, with an engine of perseverance, an insurance called faith and a driver- Allah, who has taken me through storms and  through a journey of roads and many tides.

Jazak Allahu Khair sisters for visitng the blog while I was away and leaving your comments as they mark a footprint to my continued evaluation of my faith through your blogs.


“Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Allah bless you all!!

Curiosities challenge choices

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient.”

The Holy Qur’an, Chapter 2, Verse 155

A friend once asked me, “What is it that you really, really, really want?” A question that can be defined by today, tomorrow or the future I asked. No, what is it that you really want. Is it happiness, is it more wealth, maybe to live a longer life ? I was not sure how to answer this question. I almost felt like I was taking a survey of my life and the choices that I had made. This question can mean so many things from an individual perspective I thought. This question was asked by my non-Muslim friend who seemed to really want for me to evaluate my life. Okay, I could do that but I thank Allah for everything past, present and future. An answer I could not find myself being able to simplify over a cup of coffee with my dear colleague. Okay, so I said to her, what really defines this question is that fact that I need to seperate what you are asking to how I live as a Muslim-a different state of mind. Being the broadminded person she is had no choice but not challenge me and so she gladly smiled and began conversing about her thought processing challenges in getting an affirmative answer that she was able to define what she really wanted.

We all have different points of view don’t we?

 Although I have been working a long way from home now, I can’t help but wonder how much societies change overtime but people pretty much stay the same in their own state of mind, whether circumastnaces change or not in their lives.  Always wanting more, needing more, planning for a future with a timeline that may be so unpredictable in the end. Thus, resulting in disappointments and questions of should I or could I have done this or that without being able to turn the hands of time back to those events.

The statement I once heard from a friend planning to go off to college many years ago was that a person should “plan while he/she can becasue you never know what could happen in the future.”  This statement had no bearance with the quality of life I wanted. Yes, we try to use critical thinking for the choices we make BUT there is one thing that I have lived while a long way from home and that is that people live according to their means. In a society where the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” you can’t help but ask, “why, are people in such a state of  financial need but yet don’t complain about it or if they do well, there is no way of telling.

  As you drive away from the urban areas into rural places, you can see how much people care for their children as you watch them walk to the beach as a family for a day of fun carrying a basket of fruit or other delights. People still find the time to appreciate their families and time spent in simple lifestyle. On the flip side of this, you can’t help but wonder how do some people have the money to be driving around a Hummer.  Well, this is a changing world of always trying to keep up with the latest of this and that. Anyway, these are just a few of my curiosities that challenge the choices I make as a parent who wants to instill in my child that the very essence of life is not in the kind of clothes you wear or the kind of shoes you have but tin the actions of respect, responsibility, ethical and community minded individual that one hopes and aspires for each child to portray in their adulthood.  Islam is a complete way of life and their are choices that challenge us day in and day out but at the end the answer to what I really, really, really want is simlpe- to be thankful for the things that I have and the things that I don’t have.

Do you know what you really, really, really, want?

Visible but unforgettable

Write On!!

I missed the opportunites I had several months ago to sit and type ideas and comments on the blog. I have been away trying to keep up with so much going on in my professional and personal life. One being the amount of work away from home and my obligations at home seemed to always be growing. The time spent away from home and family are exceeding the amount of  extra time I once had to write on the blog. I have not forgotten this place of much writing and reading pleasure. I am back and hope to continue updating my blog. It always seems like a work in progress or under construction for some new ideas. Writing and reading are just two of the things that I can’t seperate myself from and have been away doing a lot of.

My blog is my space for relaxing and getting away from the demands of being productive.

Have you ever had a moment when getting to your blog gets put off?