Eating to YOU


Did you know about apricots? Well, I discovered that this sweet beautifully orange colored fruit has many health benefits. I even discovered that certain cultures use them in their cooking. In traditional Chinese medicine, apricots are helpful in regenerating body fluids, detoxifying, and quenching thirst.

I prefer to eat dried apricots and in jam. Whether you prefer them fresh or dried, I have been convinced that this sweeten fruit has many nutritional value. Dried apricots are high in potassium and this helps prevent high blood pressure. It is also rich in fiber which helps constipation.

So, have a handful of dried apricots and eat freely.


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  1. Asalaamu alikum wa rahmatuallah,

    Much of the natural food we nowadays neglect or toxify with additive and sugars are inherently healing and nutritious.

    It was curious to read of the use of apricots in other cultures– I believe the majority of crop is dried because of the fact they are so fragile and perish easily, but I believe there is little to compare to a fresh ripe apricot.

    Jazak’allah for sharing this.

    Dont be sad


  2. Oh ! I absolutely love apricots, I prefer eating it as fresh and not its jam and dried apricots. Their texture makes me fall in lve with it and its beautiful colour ……… C’mmon Its not fair, I wanna eat one now and dont have one with me, So When are you sending me some ???? 😀


  3. Posted by adikbongsu on February 12, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Indeed I too love apricot but it can be quite expensive over here….


  4. Love apricot jam… haven’t laid hands on the real thing yet. But I’m looking out for it.


  5. Salaam,

    Ya apricots have lots of benefits such as it combats cancer, controls blood pressure,
    saves eye-sight, shields against Alzheimer’s and slows down the ageing process 🙂


  6. Assalaamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    Mash’Allah! What a great post. I love Apricots but didn’t know all the health benefits.


  7. Assalaamu alaikum,
    Mmmmm mmmmm, I love apricots! I also love the ‘qamruddin’ apricot drink we buy here in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan – it’s a wonderful ‘energy drink’ to break your fast on!


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