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I found the following article entitled: The Quranic Journal: Why to keep it, how to do it as a beneficial reminder of how I can better spend my time. I feel these days that I am always crunching for time to read the Quran. I do make it a point that when I get up for fajr not to go back to bed right away. This can be difficult and especially since the weather is cold and to give up the comfort of our sleep and warmth is a BIG sacrifice. A while back ago at a sisters blog http://adikbongsu.wordpress.com/ where she mentioned an article in September entitled “What prayer means to me” by Velma Cook gave me some valuable information. In this article there were many things that helped me better understand the importance of spending my time wiser. In the end it is concluded that “we should continue in prayer whether well or ill, tired or wakeful sad or hopeful, I continue, knowing that success doesn’t lie in the amount of money, weapons or strength one thinks one has, but in one’s morality.

In saying this I have found that reading the Quran is just as important and in this fast paced culture we live in, TIME is always of essence. Children, spouse, job obligations, university projects, home environment and other duties we have are important and huge but I am not spending enough time as I wish I could reading the Quran. I hope that the following article can be of benefit and I have tried already some suggestions.



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  1. Waw, what a wonderful article. Usually when i dont have enough time to recite Quran by own, i use a good Qari recitation when am working. It gives lots of calmness and energy. Even helps to concentrate better and do the job the best.. 🙂


  2. Posted by adikbongsu on November 24, 2007 at 3:15 am

    Masya-Allah…you’re doing better than I am sister….I’m still struggling here and there to do all the above. Must ..must truly have self discipline to do so. Insya-Allah…

    I love reading your posts…keep it us please… *hugs*


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