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No, this entry is not about staying fit through exercise and other physical activites but rather nourishing a child’s upbringing. As I sat in my room looking through the photo album which has only left a story in pictures that portray pleasure of a child’s early years of infancy, I wonder where did the years go. Folks, its scary to see that our children grow up so quick. In saying this, I ask Allah to guide me and increase the wisdom and knowledge I need as a focus that will empower my child through gaining my correct, truthful guidance and example.

The most important job a family does is help guide our future generation through these milestones in life. Each child is different; each family and its challenges are different but there is a lot which we all share in common.

“Muslims are frequently tested by Allah s.w.t. Your children are a test or trial for you, and your actions or lack of actions will be judged by Allah swt alone.  Do not raise your child simply based on what your family or peers thinks you should do. Do not fear the judgment of mankind, but of Allah, s.w.t., alone.”

The following article is one that I found to be of self-reflection, encouragement and benefit.



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  1. How true , what u wrote here, as per me most of the muslim parents go through this, its so difficult for them to bring up thr kids, especially in a mixed society , following islamic norms. So, its very very important for the parent to be aware n hv the right knowledge before teaching it to thr kids . They should balance the religion and at the same time worldy things.


  2. Posted by adikbongsu on November 23, 2007 at 8:20 am

    Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakahtu,

    Masya-Allah…totally agree with what you wrote sister. The times had gone by very fast without us noticing it. My kids too are growing too fast for my comfort. Yes and yes indeed, our children are our trial and test and so May Allah give us the strength, the knowledge, guidance, patience and faith to carry out our duty as parents…so that we could leave a legacy of faith for the next generation.


    btw I like the new look … beautiful colours of autumn… 🙂


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