Culture defines society


Moroccan culture can be an exciting and worldly experience. The people are friendly and the place is colorful. Hospitality is really a part of their culture so you can strike up friendships virtually anywhere if you have the right attitude.

Something that I have learned is that when taking photographs of the local people it would be wisest to ask their permission. Taking a photograph of someone with out their permission – especially in rural areas – can cause offense. This may result in them demanding money from you – even if you only intended to take a scenic shot of something. In contrast, taking photographs of someone you have become friendly with is usually very welcome.

Every town, village, or Imperial city in Morocco has its own claim to fame – its own past, fables, folklore, and people that made their unique contributions to what the country is today. With last years release of  Brad Pitt’s movie filmed in Morocco, “Babel”, Morocco is seeing an even heightened influx of tourist who want to venture to see the “Berbers in the mountains”. Morocco, a country of truly vast landscapes, has had artists, film stars, authors, and the filthy rich make it their home away from home. The allure tends to be towards one part of the country or another. Whether its Paul Bowles in Tangier or Winston Churchill painting a scene near Marrakesh, Morocco is seeing a rise in the affluent making the Kingdom their own, thus causing property in Morocco to skyrocket.

Finally, my favorite place away from  it all is the Sahara known as the world’s largest desert. Only a small part of the Sahara is fertile, where corn, dates and other fruits grow, these parts are fed by underground rivers and oases. The Sahara can be an inspirational experience at night, with the air being crisp, clean and clear, the stars being so close you can almost touch them and a silence that is deafening.

I have summarized just an experience away from home but one that has left an appreciation for history and diversity. Morocco is an ancient country with a strong sense of culture. Though the ancient culture of Morocco has influenced its people for centuries, it is diverse and seems to have been derived from several other ancient cultures. Without a doubt you will enjoy reading and even visiting this country.



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