The Prophet (PBUH) said, “For every people there is a feast and this is our feast.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Each year the marketplace is dominated by frenetic buying as Ramadan comes to a close. Ready-to-wear clothing shop owners are eager for the high numbers of customers and cannot wait for the arrival of the Eid. With this moment already being celebrated there is no doubt that a child’s happiness becomes part of a parent’s joy. During Eid al-Fitr, many Moroccans carry on traditions inherited over generations. The purchase of new clothes for their children is an essential part of this festive day.

Moroccans from all social classes try to keep up the customs they inherited from generations back. To maintain customs, traditional dress is a must during this holy period. Men and women, young and old, flock in increasing numbers to specialty shops.

The rush to buy things as Eid approaches applies not only to clothing, but also to all kinds of cakes and treats. Moroccans spare no expense in their pursuit of happiness and will go out of their way to prepare thier lists of what to have on their tables to welcome this special moment. It is also a time to visit family, to set differences aside and to start a new page in life.

What traditions or customs do you observe leading to Eid-al Fitr?



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  2. The foto you chose for the post is delicious. That’s like kind of sweets we have in Iran and call them “Quttab”.
    We make them for every big Eid, like Eid al fitr, Qurban or Nowrouz..
    That’s came to us from generations back so… 🙂


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