More, Less, the Same


 What has been on my mind are the reasons and benefits of Ramadan. My focus is personal discipline, doing good deeds and to instill a greater awareness in my son’s curiosity about why it is important to observe this great month. Most importantly for me, is to TRY to always remember that as a Muslimah I am obligated to restrain the eyes, the ears, the tongue in order to gain the total rewards of fasting which is just as important.  A hadith by Hazrat Abu Harairah, the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Fasting is not only from food and drink, fasting is to refrain from obscene (acts).

Also, as it has been globally recognized eating a variety of foods is also important but as I reflect from my experience last year I must do this with some moderation and balance. Some minor health problems I had were digestive  and some gastric acidity. I strongly believe that it all was a result of excess food intake, foods that made me feel like I was living an unbalanced diet and top it off insuffiscient sleep. Ultimately, this lifestyle made me feel like I was contradicting the essential requirements and spirit of Ramadan.

My weight does decrease some during ramadan. I am not a health expert but I guess everyones metabolism slows down. I will try this Ramadan if I am not confined to prepare an elaborate meal to TRY to do SOME (Insh’Allah) light walking or stretching. I am not sure becasue this will be the first time I am menatally preparing myself to engage in some exercise. I will keep a Ramadan diary on my blog where I intend to record what I have been doing and feeling.

My focus is that I follow good practices of Ibada ( prayer and other religous avtivities), sleep, job and Insh’Allah some light exercise with my son. Kids will always get parents motivated.

In summary, may we all mantain a balanced diet which is critical to maitain good health but more importantly to attain the full benefits of Ramadan.




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  1. Those gastric problems are normal Sis. You can counter it by drinking lots of milk in the mornings and when you break fast stay away from acidic fruits; like oranges. I guess the body is ‘shocked’ by the sudden lack of food and complains. I experience it too during Ramadan. In the past it used to be so bad I had to break my fast. But I’ve been buffering up this past year by fasting on Mondays and Thursdays so my body is getting used to it. Insha Allah it will be different this time around.

    Exercising during ramadan will be a first for me too.

    Tarawih is exercise in itself hehehe…


  2. Mash’Allah good advice Bubbles. 😀

    I usually exercise after I break my fast. Also, I would say the first couple of days eat foods that are easy on the stomach and not too spicy, tangy, sour.


  3. Posted by adikbongsu on September 13, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    Salam ‘alaik,

    UmmAbdurrahman, I too have gastric problems….but subhanallah, i always find that during Ramadan, my gastric problem seems to fade away by itself but strangely it wil be back after Ramadan…hehe


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