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As Salaamu Alaikum my blog sisters:

   I was so free to write and read this summer which I am convinced that I have spent my time productively. I would have never discovered this term “blog” as a way to journal my thoughts while simulataneously finding it enjoyable and interesting. I must give a BIG THANKS to sisters Umm Yusuf and sister Samayah who instilled a curiosity to get going with a very useful way to engage my ideas about just life.  I have met a lot of people through the means of communicating, responding and reflecting. I have discovered the love of writing for a purpose. I have enjoyed visiting so many interesting and enlightening blogs. The creativity in some of the writings leaves me to feel so blessed in having develeloped connections of sisterhood through your blogs. Each one unique to the writer’s intentions, interests and message.

Sis Shahrzad: I must say, you have an eye for imagination and words that leave the reader in wonderment and wanting more. Your blog allows your commentators to express opinions that have no right or wrong answers. Sis Umm Yusuf: I have learned so much from your blog and it has been my quick resource. My religious retreat and center for knowlegde has been your site, Mash’Allah.  Sister Sumayah: your writing has been inspirational and a place to self reflect on our lives, past, present and future. Knowing that nothing happens without the will of Allah. Sis Adikbongsu your blog has been a variety of topics suitable to any reader who is looking for important points to help them improve their basic understanding of Islam and how to apply it in their lives.  I have taken away many points from all of your lists of facts concerning Islamic etiquette. Mash’Allah. Sis Bubbles, your blog is so multicultural and has opened up an international awareness of how different areas of Africa lack stronger support for humanity and equal rights.  Finally sis confusedaboutlife, I have watched how your blog has grown with a variety of topics that many of us can relate to. Topics of friendship, family, personal growth, intellectual and religious identity. 

Jazak Allahu Kahir sisters for visiting my blog. I will continue to write but free to do it will not always be possible during the week.  Changes of routines, schedules and not enough flexibility due to school and work. A responsibility that we all share.

May Allah reward all of you for the time, effort, global awareness and religious support you have taught me through your very well represented blogs.


your sister in Islam



5 responses to this post.

  1. Salam
    Thank you honey for your kind words. I should say it was my first english blog. I have had a persian one since 6 years ago, yet i couldnt find friends by persian blog as nice as i found by english blog. It is good feeling to have many wise sisters around.. I learnt so much from you all, spc from you mother of Abdurrahman..
    Your blog gave me a chance to look at world with hopeful positive happy eyes and dont pass by details of life, to enjoy it more. I also could visualize wonderful sense of mom being with you and your lovely Son, A good sense that will help me for future insha’allah..
    Keep good work Sis.. I am already your fan.. 🙂


  2. asalam alaykum , sister that is such a sweet post , try to blog at least once a week ?! pls I enjoy your sweet thoughtful comments 🙂
    and your informative , personal and general topics .


  3. oh mash’Allah sister. Jazak Allahu Khairan! I’m so glad you took our hints and (though admittedly unsubtle loool) started a blog. It’s excellent. I love your blog because I think your entries always give us something to think about. We’ll miss not reading once a day…….Insh’Allah you will be able to work a schedule out and post more often.:D


  4. Posted by adikbongsu on September 5, 2007 at 4:39 am

    Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Ya Allah!….believe me sister i was shocked to see my name mention…alhamdulillah, i believe we all have learn together and will continue to do so. I too have learn much from your blogging….

    Jazakillah ya ukhti….and Ramadan Al-Mubarak to you and your family *hugs* 🙂


  5. I remember in my first (now deleted) wordpress blog you were the very first person to comment on it. I was really touched by the fact that despite not knowing me you were willing to share a part of yourself with me. You told me you’d only been blogging for a short while and I replied saying writing is a good way to learn about oneself – or something to that effect.

    Alhamdulilah our paths crossed. And I pray they’ll keep on crossing. Just please don’t stop completely. Once in a while entries are allowed. But once in a long while entries are strictly verboten. hehehe… I’ve always wanted to use that word ‘verboten’ lol.

    I’ll always be checking out your blog Sis. 🙂


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