Keeping it Real


I found this sign above to be an intersting expression. I am just wondering if you could translate it into what our American culture knows as “Keeping it Real.”

An American expression that means to be honest and truthful, to have integrity, without a hidden agenda, in another words no shortcuts “dude.”

Our language consists of so many popular phrases, idioms and confusion on what it can mean within context. Someone who wants to learn English will have fun deciphering our grammar and will love to learn to appreciate its meaning.

I think the sign above has a good intention to advertise someting but worded incorrectly.

What do you think the owner is trying to say?


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  1. Think he’s trying to say is “what you see is what you get” :p


  2. Keep in it real. means:” occult its reality”. Ye?
    Maybe it is anti advertisement. Sometimes they use some sentences like:”Don’t buy this brand”, or “Dont eat in the restaurant” or something similar. In this way the reader gets curious about it more. my idea!
    Or as sumera says:“what you see is what you get” 😀


  3. I kinda go with Sumera on this one. Seems like an error. Those are Katakana; Japanese characters. They are used to write English words in Japanese. I’m a bit rusty… can only make ‘reeru’ which is real.

    How did you come about it?


  4. LOL…not recognizing the origin of the characters I would say maybe some sign for a local shop? hmm…or maybe to keep things inside real like no generic brands all authentic….or my third guess is our phrase of keepin it real like you said but they got it wrong…I think you got it on the nose sis..Hugs 😉


  5. Posted by nunya on September 5, 2007 at 9:22 pm

    “Keepin’ it Real” is just an excuse that ignorant people use to trump common sense and continue staying ignorant. Plain and simple.


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