To Whom It May Concern


As some people struggle with cancer; as some are constantly having to live with the effects of depression or some other chronic ailment (Alzeheimers as in the case of my father) which affects us every minute of our lives; as some are struggling with abuse in our lives which we cannot seem to shake; as some live with poverty or are facing terrible drought conditions; or as some stand at the grave side of someone we deeply loved, some people will remind us that

“after every hardship there is ease.”

Others will speak about tragedies as “blessings in disguise,” and yet others will simply say, when something happens, that “it is Allah’s will.” These sorts of lines, while they may be easy to say, are sometimes very difficult to believe.

A colleague of mine whom had the expectation that his children would attend school where he is currently working  were not accepted and this created much decision making on his part. Should I continue working here if I am not able to bring my children with me? The other schools are not to my liking and now I am faced with choosing between my job and my children’s education. The decision was difficult but after seeking options it did not work. Today, I find this brother and his family selling thier possessions and moving back to the states after having arrived just 2 years ago. Sadly, the family was not able to find a suitable school setting and  NEVER expected that their children were not able to be accommodated. This only left room for his wife to express to me that “the good and the bad come from Allah.”

This is having faith in the belief that the results are always a way out of what Allah has better prepared for us to recieve as HE wills. We tend to wonder about the good in it and certainly the idea of it being a “blessing in disguise” is really not much comfort to us at the time something hits us.

Closer to home, we wonder what good can come out of a lack of rain? What good can come out of loosing a job? What good can come from broken relationships? And so on. The list is long and each of us can think of situations in which we wonder. In such situations, we may be inclined to clench our teeth and say, “yeah, right, sure.  Allah is working for my good in all of this misery?”

That which we experience here on earth is part of a struggle.

What good is there in the struggle?

Maybe Allah allows diseases and tornadoes to make us depend on Him or to make us more courageous. Maybe Allah sometimes sends punishments on a whole nation. Maybe there are times when a person’s suffering — and the way he handles it — draws us closer to Allah.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Mash’Allah sister

    Jazak Allahu Khairan for the reminder. May Allah bless you and your family always. ameen.


  2. Posted by adikbongsu on August 12, 2007 at 10:23 am

    Salam ‘alaik,

    Love this entry for I’ve had such experienced before and truly realise how small and powerless we are in the face of such trials from Allah.

    Jazakillah ya ukhti!


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