Individual choice


This entry today will not focus on a film review of characters, plot, setting or wardrobe. Instead to reflect on the title of “For Love or Money.” I would like to relate this topic on individual choice. These days we are not content, we can’t seem to find that source of happiness. We should be grateful for when we are enjoying the good moments in our lives when anxiety or stress has not overtaken our minds and be on the defensive.

For “Love or Money” is a pressing problem in society and needs to be addressed more.  Personally, this statement aims on two words that grow diametrically on opposite principals. However, that does not mean that money is bad. Its our inability to cope with two opposite concepts at the same time that makes it look bad. We conveniently put the blame on money,whereas essentially its our inability to manage these two skillfully.

The following recent article depicts a marriage conflict that faced discomforts in choices people had made to find happiness. Thus, leading to destroy their own life as well as those around them. It was a rush of emotions in my opinion and a tragedy that happened without reason. The influences that played in these individuals lives might be money focused. Was this behavior mean for reasons of love or for money. Or was life mean and the people reacted bitterly?

You decide after reading the following if this was for “Love or for Money.”



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  1. Whoa… I read that article… No comments :/ And as for love or money, I guess we can’t choose, we need both of them.


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