A Universal Appeal


Media has presented Islam and Muslims in a very biased and distorted and misleading way. However, after viewing the Emmy Award winning director-producer Robert Gardner in his masterful production of Islam: Empire of Faith I hope that it will help dispell the negative image of Islam and prove to seperate the truth from falsehood.

This production was inspiring and I am sure considerably laborous. This documentary presented reenactments that  conveyed an authentic sense of those times. I ejoyed it and hope you find the time to view them.

This is a 7 part video and it helped me rediscover a wealth of information.

Part 1

Please continue to benefit from the remainder of this documentary at YOU TUBE!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Salam sis,

    thanks for visiting my blog… though I haven’t update them for quite awhile.

    and thanks for the compliment… I would love u to come visit my blog more often, just hope some update, InsyaAllah.

    U hv nice entries here too sisn, InsyaAllah, I will find time to read…

    JazakAllah khair.. Wassalam


  2. Assalaamu Alaikum wrwb sis,

    thanks for sharing. 😀


  3. Well, about media showing Islam in a biased way, that is true. For now, I think every Muslim is being seen as some criminal and I don’t know what more. As for the videos, will check them later. I don’t have a good internet connection right now. Man I’m downloading @ 7 kb/s. But I’ll certainly watch them later. Thanks for sharing.


  4. What a interesting clip. I didnt know they made something like this. Islam: Empire of Faith.. I hope it works even for a little group..


  5. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, again. I heard about it. Insha Allah i’ll try to get it on DVD… If I knew where. I heard it presents a very balanced view of Islam and that it dispelled many myths such as the forced conversion of Spaniards in Spain. Interesting!


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