Pure and Simple


As a child, I enjoyed going to county fairs because of the many fun-filled activites, displays, vendors, and food. I always took it for granted that a full jar of delicious honey was readily available at our breakfast table. My mother never left a fair empty handed with what she always preferred to buy-lots of honey, honey, honey. It was the kind that had that natural creamy, light color and opaque texture and came from an acquainted beekeeper. To be honest, back then I didn’t touch those jars at all. However, I never understood why she would take one color of honey over the other tones that were so nicely displayed.

Is there any value in that honey color?

Was it flavor and thickness of the honey that greatly varied between the darkest and the lightest?


Not just the colors, but is creamy better than liquid or how about a small jar of that bee pollen.

Choices, choices, choices

For more information on the interesting facts of choosing one color, texture, plastic honey bears over the classier look of honey displays please read below.

The facts are pure and simple.


Personally honey in any form is the best food, healthy and tastes good.

Furthermore, to make more connections to such a great tasting and beneficial food is also to relate to its importance in the Quran.

Do you know how important a food source the honey is, which Allah offers man by means of a tiny insect?


Inspired by sister Sumayah’s blog entry on honey.

For more details check it out her blog entry on the HEALTH BENEFITS that honey can provide.


This month, I decided to explore different foods in the Quran as a preparation for our upcoming Ramadan.

And He has made everything in the heavens and everything in the earth subservient to you. It is all from Him. There are certainly signs in that for people who reflect.
(Surat al-Jathiyah: 13)

We understand that honey is a fundamental food source for us but the extraordinary qualities of its producer, the honeybee is something to reflect.

Mash’Allah, bees not only produce honey for themselves but are also at the service of providing us with it, just as the chicken lays its eggs and a cow produces its milk.

The bees’ lives in the hive and their honey production are fascinating.

It is amazing to observe a bee from a far as it visits a flower and to reflect that it has no laboratory in their bodies and it is evident that it only does what Allah has inspired it to do.

And in your creation and all the creatures He has scattered about there are signs for people with certainty.
(Surat al-Jathiyah: 4)


5 responses to this post.

  1. I heard honey is very good medicine for eyes. One of my relatives used it for his eyes and it got treated!


  2. Posted by adikbongsu on August 5, 2007 at 5:15 am

    Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    indeed the goodness of honey is countless, thks sis for a great post 🙂


  3. I love honey and whens it’s pure and organic its just even better ..when its fresh even better . my mum always pores honey over some thick clottes cream then swipes it with pitta bread deleciouse and unhealthy ( the clottes cream part ) lol I will defently go and check it out I always have liked the creamy thick coloures textured part . btw I heard that honeycomeb makes you brainy ? is that true lol?


  4. Wow Mashallah!!! Amazing I love honey, and knowing its benefits just makes it more spendid!!! KUDOS TO YA HERMANA!!! Hugs 😉


  5. I love honey! My whole family loves honey. The rate at which it finishes is phonomenal. So whenever I buy for myself I always tuck it away in my room, hehehe… For safe keeping, from giant two-legged ants, hehe.. 🙂


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