Latino and Loving Islam


Culture and religion often can be mistaken.

Why Islam, a religion cloaked in mystery in Latin America. Trying to find the reasons why so many people decide to convert to Islam is a personal story that no matter what nationality, language or socio economic background one comes from we all share ONE THING- our conversion stories that instill positive messages and unique reasons for deciding to become Muslim.

Many Hispanics chose Islam because they preferred a religion without the trappings of a vast hierarchy or the complicated dogma that they saw in the Catholic Church.

Personally, the biggest obstacle converts face is with their families, who take pride in their Catholic rearing and have little understanding of Islam.

I would like to share this conversion story.


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  1. You answered my question in UmmYusuf blog very good. I think bcs Latinos were forced to accept christianity as a religion, they never could have a good and strong connection with it. For them christianity is a religion that makes them slave. They love Islam bcs they are very free people.They are spiritually seeker.. 🙂


  2. Thanx sis, Subhanallah that is so true the biggest fitnah is from our Catholic or other Christian denominational parents. It’s exhausting if they even live close to us a daily obstacle, but alhamdulilah mine live far away so really only on the phone and whenever I plan to visit them. Thanx for the video it’s really nice. Always love convert stories either written or video. Mashallah Allah Akbar. Abrazos 😉


  3. Mash’Allah what a beautiful story and insight. 😀 I agree, It is super hard to deal with parents when converting to Islam. The people who raised you and cared for you, the mother who carried you in her womb for 9 months and gave you all her time when you were helpless. It can be a torment at times to put your priorities in order while knowing these people will feel hurt, anger and disappointment with you. The people who you want least to feel that way…..can’t be helped. Because if an ultimatum is given you know what you have to/need to choose.


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