A Picture is Worth………


 What is a picture worth?

Today I read an article that deals with kids using photos to develop some sense of expression and confidence. It was interesting in that it pointed out that it teaches children with dyslexia to communicate with society through photography. The program is called “Literacy through Photography.” It is so fun and it has caught my attention as an idea for parents to use as an alternative to encourage children (I am not sure where Islamic views draw the line for age groups)  from drawing pictures of animals or people.  I strongly believe that it is a combination of storytelling, writing, and communicating through photography. I think this is an awesome way to get children of all ages to experiment with photography and to capture what they love and what is important in their lives.  Dyslexia as I have met people who explain it as having specific reading difficulties. For more information you can check at http://www.kidsource.com/kidsource/content3/dyslexia.html

So, this article also focused on how photography can be helpful for dyslexic children because it also helps them with their self-esteem. This opportunity is incredible in that it allows children to engage with how they view their world from any angle. It is like they are their own directors.

 “Having a learning difference, you always feel like things are out of control.”

This article has persuaded me to try something different and to develop a new skill behind the lens. Imagine hearing your kids saying,”I can’t wait to see what it looks like.” As a parent,  I have found that we learn more from our children then sometimes they from us.


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  1. Good idea. I used to write reports about children in a weekly magazine. The reports were about health, learning, behaving, entertainment and some other subjects. I enjoyed so much.
    I found a site that in helped me so much to learn about parenting.
    Very good site.. It helps you 🙂


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