What exactly defines making sacrifices? The first time I heard this word uttered was through my mother’s stories of sacrifices she had to make in giving up to not complete her schooling due to the need of assisting her family financially. Those were some real heartfelt sacrifices. What should we sacrifice? What sacrifices are harder to make? “Sacrifice is to give up things that we love and hold dear, which in our eyes have some value for us.” Personally sacrifces are not easy to make. When we give away money or giving  up friendships for the sake of Allah what we are really giving up is our love for money or certain people, not the object itself. It is more difficult to sacrifice our ties of love and affection, especially familial, likes and dislikes, desires and aspirations, habits and customs, values and attitudes, as well as pleasures and comforts. On the other hand, things like time, money, wordly possessions, and life is just as hard to sacrifice because we attach greater value to it. Time is the first thing that Allah demands of us. It takes time to pray. It takes time to do Da’wah. It takes time to read the Quran. It takes time to visit the sick. Every moment should be spent in seeking His pleasure, in fulfilling our commitment to Him. Lately, I have been reflecting on sacrifices and I have come to realize that what I am really giving up is not my time but the things that I am in the pursuit of the time I am spending it with. Things which have been contradictory to my goals in life. Some have been meaningless and unimportant or less important compared to the cause of Allah. I am trying to remember that time is one thing I cannot hold on to even for a moment. It will slip away and in whatever way I choose to spend it. Its value is simply what I gain from it. What makes this world evil? I beleive it is when we forget that all this has been placed at our disposal for the duration of this world and it only brings misery by diverting us away from what is of real value to us. Wordly possessions are not easy to give away in the way of Allah when confronted with real choices to make. What has helped me through difficult sacrifices it to constantly remember certain things. Thus, nothing belongs to me; everything belongs to Allah. When you sacrifice something in the way of Allah, one is returning it to the rightful Owner.

“To Allah belongs everything in the heavens and the earth: everything renders worship to Him.” (Al-Baqara, Chapter 2, Verse 116).

In moments of despondency, with no victory in sight, or with defeat looming large – one is more likely to cling to his time and money, to insist on his opinion and view, to make an issue of his dislike of certain persons and actions. Yet the reward for sacrifice made in such moments is much greater.   

When is a sacrifice justified and necessary, and when is it a violation of individual rights?


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  1. Posted by carimuslima on July 19, 2007 at 5:54 pm

    I loved how you made it clear that everything belongs to Allah and we should thus sacrifice things for His sake and no other. If we were to do this we would really not transgress the limits and laws of our Creator and justice would be implemented. I think we all have made sacrifices in our lives, some more than others but I think one thing is very evident that we shouldn’t lose ourselves in the process and oppress oneself and others. That for me is what sacrificing for the sake of Allah means. Of course just my opinion, but as I have learned if we love for Allah’s sake, sacrifice for Allah’s sake we will inshallah have peace in our hearts and soul. Hugs 😉


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