“It may be that you hate something when it is good for you, and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you. Allah knows, and you do not know” (Surat al-Baqara, 216).

The importance of being patient is not easy for anyone, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.  We want it and want it now.  We can easily become discouraged when we can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Every one has felt doubt and wondered, even briefly, if they could ever achieve what they set their mind to. This is normal and natural.  The setbacks aren’t fun while you are having them.  But once you make it to the other side and time perspective has set in, you start to appreciate those setbacks.  What happens while you are standing in line at the grocery store and  the customer who is about to pay decides to dispute something that seems overpriced and to top it off  your toddler becomes fuzzy? From the looks of this, chances are your patience is being tried. These times of drama are just as important as the smooth times.  How do I measure my patience? Well, so much literature is out there that describes ways and suggestions to find a “why” to specific reasons your patience is not in tune. Authors dedicate pages and pages into what a reader will seem to be  convinced that he/she  fall into one or more categories.  Let’s face it, we live in a world that breeds impatience where many situations can not determine if  our needs and wishes can be fulfilled at once. Our world is so “instant” where our gratification to recieve mail now is just done by the click of the button. I remember when writing to a pen pal who lived in South America would take days to get a response.  Today, we  are accustomed to writing up an email and in a few clicks the message is sent, delivered, recieved and a response forthcoming. Or even more instant – ‘chatting’ live online in a chat room or through an instant chat program. If something as insignificant as an online chat frustrates us when we have to wait 5 seconds for something to upload,  how much more frustrating is it when we have to wait weeks or months or even years. It is important to recognize our impatience and concentrate on practicing to be patient. Only the faithful understand the true nature of patience and live in the manner of which Allah approves, for they have accepted the Quran as their guide. And, only the Quran explains the real meaning of patience. For this reason, the only people capable of being “patient with a beautiful patience” are those who follow the Quran.  The source of our  patience is having  faith in Allah and  submission to Him. Like all other characteristics, patience emerges only through a true understanding of faith, because to believe is to understand that there is no deity but Allah, that He encompasses all things in His knowledge, that only Allah has the power to determine one’s destiny, and that nobody can enjoy gain or suffer loss without His willing it.  No matter what hardships we can encounter, the faithful know that such hardship is a test from Allah and so do not lose  patience.  Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) also mentions that the believers remain patient when faced with calamity, since they should always trust Allah.  Therefore, as described through the Quranic understanding of patience it is clear that verses of the Quran can highlight how patience differs from the understanding held by those who are far from religion. We should be aware of the fact that Allah tests His servants by sending troubles to them at a time of His choosing.  We are all human and we will face moments of being impatient but we need to understand that people should try to live the Quran’s teachings instead of plunging into unnecessary anger when confronted with certain events. For example, your husband forgot to pick up milk on the way home,  a child may have broken the most valuable object in the house, a wife may have forgotten to mail out the bills or a relative may visit at an inconvenient time, and so on. These are common occurrences, and if we do not display the Quran’s teachings we might slip into rather unpleasant behavior. The reason for such behavior is our inability to show patience in living by the values that Allah prescribed. In short, knowing that only Allah possesses  knowledge and wisdom, the believer should always put their trust in Him, fully aware that whatever He wills is always beneficial, even though the benefit may not be immediately apparent. Therefore, to display true patience is understanding that no matter what hardship we should  encounter, the faithful know that such hardship is a test from Allah and should not lose their patience. 

       But, in your Lord’s sight, right actions that are lasting bring a better   reward and are a better basis for hope.” (Surat al-Kahf, 46)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by carimuslima on July 7, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    LOL…. you’re so right sis. Patience is a great asset to have. It will get you far and beyond not only in this life but the hereafter inshallah. Besos 😉


  2. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    thanks for the reminder sis! May Allah help us all to be more patient. ameen.


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